Q: Where can I get my mitts on UNBELIEVABLY Bad?
A: Australian residents are encouraged to purchase UNBELIEVABLY Bad from their nearest stockist. Overseas readers can order direct from us either online using Big Cartel, or by sending a check/International Money Order to our Postal Address.
[International postage rates may be hazardous to your wallet]

Q: How do I contact UNBELIEVABLY Bad?
A: Like this.

Q: Will UNBELIEVABLY Bad interview my band?
A: FAQ you, pal! Don’t ask dumb questions. This is a fanzine, have some bloody decorum about ya. We do like to hear about new bands and new music (so do get in touch), and we try to do what we can with the space and resources we have. Generally, if we love you enough, we’ll come begging.

Q: How do I get my record/zine/book reviewed in UNBELIEVABLY Bad mag?
A: UNBELIEVABLY Bad reviews vinyl and zines. UNBELIEVABLY Bad reserves the right NOT to review everything we get sent, so send at your own risk. Generally speaking we try to review things we like, rather than picking easy targets and blowing them to smithereens just to make ourselves feel good.

Q: Where do I send my record/zine/book/girlfriend for review?
A: Reckon to our Postal Address would be your best bet.

Q: How can I advertise my release/tour/product in UNBELIEVABLY Bad?
A: Now, this is the most sensible question yet. Thanks for asking it. UNBELIEVABLY Bad offers advertising space at a premium rate. To download a PDF file of our latest rate card including ad sizes, prices and art formatting information, please click here.

Q: Can I contribute words/pictures/drawings to UNBELIEVABLY Bad?
A: Ken Oath you can! As long as you have ‘Bad’ enough taste and don’t expect to see a red cent, you’re in! Feel free to get in touch with any ideas at unbelievablybad@gmail.com.



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