UNBELIEVABLY Bad is available in Australia from the following select independent music and book stockists:

Repressed Records (Newtown, Sydney)
RedEye Records (Sydney)
Egg Records (Newtown, Sydney)
Black Wire Records (Annandale, Sydney)
Beatdisc Records (Parramatta, Sydney)
Music Farmers (Wollongong, NSW)
Landspeed Records (Canberra, ACT)
The Edwards Store (Newcastle, NSW)
Greville Records (Prahran, Melbourne)
We Empty Rooms distro (Melbourne)
NGM Records (Brisbane)
Tym Guitars (Fortitude Valley, Brisbane)
Rocking Horse Records (CBD, Brisbane)
Clarity Records (Adelaide)
Helta Skelta distro (Perth)
Tommy Gun Records (Hobart)

For orders outside of these territories please order direct from us either online using Big Cartel, or by sending a cheque/International Money Order to our Postal Address.

If you would like to stock Unbelievably Bad in your shop or distro please email us.

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