“UNBELIEVABLY Bad is the equivalent of an open ‘E’ chord played on a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall stack set to 12 (bugger 11, that’s for wimps).”

– Ian D. Marks (Foffle #25)

“One of the best independently produced music publications I’ve ever seen in this country. ESSENTIAL READING.”

– Harry Butler (DNA #108)

“Imagine a less uptight Maximum Rock & Roll with a better sense of humour and Real Overdose with the snotty attitude dialled up a notch.”

– Andrew Culture (Beat Motel issue #8)

“UNBELIEVABLY Bad is Australia’s finest music zine.”

– Carlisle Rogers (Vice: Student Guide)

“No bullshit perspectives and a unique voice.”

– Wilfred Brandt (thethousands.com.au)

“UNBELIEVABLY Bad is a faultless piece of work. I’m jealous.”

– Dr. Jerm (Bizoo Zine issue #23)

“Buy this fucking zine now.”

– Pete Pee (Pee #36)

“Take your favourite music magazine, make it 10 times better, remove the commercialism and popular shit, inject some style and classic music worship, add a bit of weirdness and then print it in black and white. Chances are you might get something pretty close to this zine.”

– Chris James (Give Blood #2)

“Australia’s best music zine without a doubt. Shits all over mine… You must see/read/rape this zine.”

– Damo Loser (Long Gone Loser #12)

“I officially hang my head in shame. UNBELIEVABLY Bad has now replaced BP as the best zine in Australia.”

– Dann Lennard (Betty Paginated #29)

“The mark of a good zine is one that captivates from page one and you can’t put it down until the final page. The mark of a great zine is one that captivates from page one and you can’t put down until the final page and THEN you go back and re-read it – frequently. This is the latter.”

– (scannerzine.com)

“There’s a cast of thousands behind this Sydney zine and their efforts are unbelievably good (“aw shucks,” I hear them say).”

– The Barman (i94bar.com)

“UNBELIEVABLY Bad will prove to be the best of the Australian independent publishing racket.”

– DX (Distort #13)

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